10 Slogans My Electric Company Should Adopt

On November 2, 2011, in electricity, by admin

After experiencing another year of power failures, blown circuits, and paying utility bills, I’ve decided to help my electric company by providing them with some public relations slogans. I hear my neighbors complain about the power company all the time, so it’s the least that I can do in return for their inconsistent service and [...]


Why I Don’t Care How Much My Electric Bill is Right Now

On October 30, 2011, in electricity, by admin

Scrooge-like is the usual manner in which which I handle the power in my little palace, but sometimes that approach doesn’t quite work. There are certain special situations in which even a penurious Scotsman  might open up the wallet as well as the heart. This cavalier attitude toward a fast-spinning electric meter wouldn’t be an [...]


10 Electrifying Facts About Your Fuse Box

On September 7, 2011, in electricity, by admin

In every home there is a distribution board, commonly called a fuse box or circuit breaker box. This enclosure controls all the electricity that comes into your home.  It is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Everything runs through the fuse box, but what is it? What, exactly, does it do? And why should [...]


10 Types of Companies that Consume the Most Electricity

On August 28, 2011, in electricity, by admin

The United States has a voracious appetite for power. Electric power, that is. We use incredible amounts of electricity to power our lives, giving us everything from our morning coffee to our heated blankets at night. The sources of our electric power vary, from coal to petroleum to solar and to others, but it is [...]


10 Reasons Why Electricity Rates Vary in Texas

On August 18, 2011, in electricity, by admin

The rate you pay for your electrical power in Texas can vary from one household to the next, even within one neighborhood. Texas electrical service has been ‘de-regulated’, which means that the customers may have more voice in selecting where they power comes from and how much they pay. Below are ten of the factors [...]


10 Things to Learn About Renewable Energy Credits

On August 11, 2011, in electricity, by admin

I was asked, recently, about renewable energy credits, and the person asking was embarrassed to have to admit that they really knew nothing at all about them. So, I put together this list of things that you may find useful to know about renewable energy credits. Definition. A Renewable Energy Credit, generally referred to as [...]


10 Regular Products That Are More Environmental Friendly than Their So-called Green Counterparts

On August 9, 2011, in electricity, by admin

The global warming or climate change enthusiasts have created a huge focus on saving the planet by promoting environmentally friendly products. Savvy consumers should be careful not to fall for this marketing gimmick called greenwashing. Many of the products we already use are friendlier to the environment than their so-called green counterparts. Pay close attention [...]


10 Greenest Cities in America

On July 15, 2011, in electricity, by admin

Across America, cities, towns and individuals have joined the movement to go green. Environmental awareness has brought some changes in how many of us live, work and consume. Based on criteria such as the percentage of households who recycle, commute via public transportation, and percentage of homes using solar power, let’s take a look at [...]


8 Ways to Save Money by Controlling Your Thermostat

On July 12, 2011, in electricity, by admin

Heating and cooling costs are some of the biggest expenses in owning a home. The following is a list of 8 tips that will show how controlling your thermostat, and the temperature of your home, can save you money. Lower heating temperatures. Adjust your thermostat and reduce the temperature in your home by between 10% [...]


7 Ways to Interrogate Using Electricity

On July 11, 2011, in electricity, by admin

Interrogation is a formal and systematic method of examination or inquiry. Though we often think of interrogation solely as a tool of spies and law-enforcement agencies, there are many uses for this type of query. Oral exams, utilized in secondary and higher education, are a form of interrogation, as are many news interviews. The focus [...]